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15 sept, 2023 mundan-muhurat-date-2024

Auspicious Mundan Ceremony Dates 2024

Plan your important Mundan Ceremony event; find 2024's most auspicious dates today: As you prepare to move into your new home, it's crucial to choose an auspicious date for your Mundan Ceremony, the traditional Hindu house-warming ceremony. This special event marks the beginning of your new journey in your new space and invites the blessings of the gods and ancestors. The date you choose can greatly influence the energy and success of your new home. That's why we've researched and compiled a list of the most propitious Mundan Ceremony dates in 2024, according to traditional Hindu astrology. These dates are known for their positive vibrations and are ideal for welcoming new beginnings. Discover the perfect date for your Mundan Ceremony and celebrate your new home with confidence and blessings.

Auspicious Mundan Ceremony Dates 2024

Month Of May Mundan Ceremony Dates 2024
Start time End time Nakshatra
Wed, May 1, 05:44 AM Wed, May 1, 05:46 AM Shravana
Fri, May 3, 01:53 AM Fri, May 3, 12:41 PM Shatabhisha
Fri, May 3, 11:24 PM Sat, May 4, 12:06 AM Shatabhisha
Fri, May 10, 10:47 AM Sat, May 11, 02:50 AM Mrigashirsha
Tue, May 14, 02:50 AM Tue, May 14, 05:34 AM Pushya
Mon, May 20, 03:59 PM Tue, May 21, 05:31 AM Chitra
Fri, May 24, 07:25 PM Sat, May 25, 05:29 AM Jyeshta
Thu, May 30, 12:43 AM Thu, May 30, 11:44 AM Dhanishta
Month Of June Mundan Ceremony Dates 2024
Start time End time Nakshatra
Fri, Jun 7, 04:45 PM Fri, Jun 7, 07:43 PM Mrigashirsha
Mon, Jun 10, 04:15 PM Mon, Jun 10, 09:39 PM Pushya
Mon, Jun 17, 05:27 AM SMon, Jun 17, 05:39 PM Chitra
Wed, Jun 26, 05:29 AM Wed, Jun 26, 08:55 PM Dhanishta
Month Of July Mundan Ceremony Dates 2024
Start time End time Nakshatra
Thu, Jul 4, 04:07 AM Thu, Jul 4, 05:54 AM Mrigashirsha
Mon, Jul 8, 05:34 AM Mon, Jul 8, 06:02 AM Pushya
Fri, Jul 12, 04:08 PM Sat, Jul 13, 05:36 AM Hasta
Mon, Jul 15, 07:19 PM Tue, Jul 16, 12:29 AM Swati